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Updates: SFW/NSFW, Posing, Backgrounds, PriceGuide

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2015, 5:59 PM

Hopefully this doesn't upset people or offend anyone, but I'm going to be incorporating somethings and changing others so hopefully you will appreciate the work i will be offering in the future. As always advice and opinions on the matter are always welcome and highly appreciated.


From this point onward for commissioners and whomever gets art from me, when I say SFW(Safe For Work) I will always, ALWAYS put clothing on them, I will no longer do the "no genitals showing"(example), I will do them for reference sheets but other then that I will always put clothes, UNLESS you state otherwise, if you don't and just leave it up to me I will put on clothes automatically so be sure to let me know what you want them to wear or a theme/dress code they fit into or I will figure it out on my own. So try and be VERY specific, because if you don't I will wing-it.


For adult or NSFW versions of my art, they will be priced at the same thing, so tasteful nudity and adult material is the same, they will be a little higher then SFW pieces but not by much. The only way the price will go up higher is if it is a FETISH pieces, the reason being that if I am inexperienced with certain fetishes I take time out to learn about it, practice and make sure I know what you are looking for in a piece and hopefully try to achieve what you are ordering to the utmost of my ability. So again be VERY specific, because saying NSFW now will either mean you just want a nude pinup or an adult material piece so be sure to say if you want tasteful nudity, adult material, or fetish material. Then we can go from there.

The reason why I keep saying be VERY specific is because you need to do that, I don't ever want you guys to feel like you are bothering me by asking me to add or change stuff because the order was very vague to begin with, I want to be on the right track right off the bat without having you guys feel upset or scared to talk to me about stuff, I want it to be as relaxing experience as ever and never feel pressured to stay quiet because I may snap etc etc. So hopefully that makes sense.

Slice of life/ Pinups/ Posing

So I really want to improve and try to get out of my comfort zone, because I've realized that my gallery/art is mostly focused on pin-up pieces and I don't want to just be good at 1 aspect of my art, I want to be able to say that yes I can do action pieces, perspective pieces, expression pieces...etc
Any commissions from this point forward will not be Pin-ups unless the customer states as such, in the future I will be creating art pieces that look like they are taken out of life settings, be it drinking coffee in the morning, jogging in a park, and pieces that best fit your character and what they would be doing in everyday life, or pieces that give you a story and not just eye candy.
I want to do this not just for myself but for you guys, I don't want my art to just be generic and I never ever want it to look the same or boring, so with that being said because I am not very experienced with things like this, so expect a lot of experimenting and trials and hopefully you guys are patient enough and will help me along the way.


I know I did this a while back and said I'd do backgrounds on all art pieces then stopped, honestly I'm such a lazy slob I try to weasel my way out of doing them, but NO MORE. I will do them for all art pieces now (except references), no extra charge no nothing. I want to get good at doing backgrounds and the excuse of me saying "I'm bad therefore I can't" doesn't cut it for me anymore. Like seriously, sometimes I'm so tired of my own bullshit laziness I just want to punch myself in the arm for it. Again going to repeat myself, if you want something specific for the background/theme LET ME KNOW before hand, if not I will wing it and add in my own thing to the piece.

I don't know if I should even be stating this but I will anyway, background quality will depend on the character quality, so I will NOT do a painted background with a sketchy flat coloured character, so please keep that in mind. ex: Sketch = sketch background; Cell shaded = cell shaded background etcetc

I will NOT add backgrounds to reference sheets, you CAN order art pieces without a background and just have a simple flat coloured background...BUT keep in mind that will not lower the pricing.

Price Guide/Order Form

Yes I will be making a new price guide, a very simple 1 that will be very easy to follow (hopefully), it will be via journal because it will have A LOT of variety in it to offer something for everyone, and yes sketched referenced will be a thing from this point on, so stay tuned for that. And I will be making a new order form to go along with the new prices for the new year to fit the changes. So stay tuned for that.

So I hope you guys are ok with all the new changes and such and you aren't angry/upset/frustrated/etc with them. And I hope you will stay with me on this new journey I am taking and I hope you will come along and join me and learn with me guys are the reason why I am even doing this, I always get comments saying I inspire people... but the truth is, you guys are the ones that inspire me, you push me to get better, you push me to try new things, to get out of my comfort zone, you motivate me and just help me out through so much be it art, kind comments, critics, or just advice for everyday life, so thank you for all that. To all my watchers that have been with me for the very start and to those that started recently I sincerely thank you and without you I honestly would be nothing, you guys are like my family, each and everyone of you and if I could give you all a hug I would, but all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. So thank you and I hope we can be friends and speak in the future, i'll see you later, take care!


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